Year 8 / Issue 8

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From the desk of editor:

Always on the Side of a Beautiful Life

    The ever orbiting earth is in its life course since ages; the water flowing since ages is humming life in its resonance; the energy inside the creatures is also reverberating life; the air inside us is also singing life; embracing the entire universe, the sky also glitters the life space. The five elemental truths earth, water, fire, air and sky are all witnesses taking the side of life. Even a flying cloud is weaving life in its changing colour and shape; life is blossoming in the blooming flowers; a flying bird or the child taking his first step are all speaking about life. And in this context, though in the background, this pen is writing life beyond victory or defeat. But somewhere, the flying cloud might have to fall in the form of rain, the flowing water too might need to take a bend when a hill stands on its way, the flower too might have to fall without getting to bloom when the roots decay with infection, the child might have to fall down during his/her first step when the earth shakes in tremor. Beyond all the darkness or beyond the cycle of getting or losing, as a commitment to beautiful life itself, Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com Foundation is committed and is struggling hard to materialize its 15 years roadmap to introduce Nepali art and literature to the global audience. In this life like the strings of the soul, delighted even in the harmony of obstructions, is published as an exclusive webzine dedicated to art, literature and music, a document of dignity amidst the celebration of suffering, and the 8th bilingual issue of which is brought before our global audience!

We are experiencing marginalization both in terms of physical development and artistic and literary prosperity. In this sense, this webzine in both Nepali and English versions is made available through the collection, translation and publication of important creations along with other artistic and literary visits at national and international level which is a manifestation of our desire to allow the artistic endeavour to live in the center of our existence. As in the previous issues, in this issue too, we have presented various contents on arts and literature along with the digital version of the modern Nepali poetry anthology Sagarmatha ko nrityamagna atma (The Dancing Soul of Mount Everest) in both Nepali and English versions. We believe that the contents presented here are self contended truths that stand by the side of life vision. Finally, we thank all the writers and supporters for taking the side of life vision by the way of assisting in our benign effort. We welcome generous support for the life and longevity of our creative effort.

We hope to continue to stand on the side of life and meet you in the next episode!


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