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Painting & Poetry:

A Human is Crying

Painting: Pablo Picasso

Maun Awaj

In a vacant dwelling
darkness enters the room through window
Looks around —
and happens to see —
a human is crying.

On the desolate road
time is limping
Wind fetches the news—
expired consciousness from the world.

The scene sees—
scene is unseen
The sound hears—
soundless is sound.

-Goes- comes
A process lies there
An action lies there
Every speed revolves round itself
Gets tired - gets furious.

Sweat flows throughout
Restlessness grows at night
The darkness sees -
the same human is crying.

Sleeplessness sees -
the same human is crying.

The wall gropes
The same human is crying.
The woodbeam - floor
The bed - everywhere
Memory - forgetting
Neissance - everywhere
The same human is crying.

There lie beating marks of torture on bosom
It's crystal clear -
wound exists over there.
Lines on palm are erased
They are mutilated
It's crystal clear -
Assault is practised.

Sanddust put inside eyes
Noose on the throat
Hand twisted
Countenance scratched
Head is hung.

Wordlessly -
a human is crying
Unknown, completely unknown
from when and for how long
the human is crying.

Did you hear?
A human within you is crying.

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