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Painting & Poetry:

Nepal... Like No Other Country

Painting: Sandhya Regmi

Sandhya Regmi

Far far away from the materialistic world

No other snowy mountain stands
Like ‘Sagarmatha’ in enormity
Where luxuriant ‘Rhododendron’ blossom
In dull dreary rocks;
In beauty, gracefulness and grandeur
Unchallenged my country remains.
No other human race exists
Or stands any closer in comeliness
Like the likeable Nepalese.

Witness the spreading bunyan-pipal trees
All over highway of Singapore, Malaysia
Providing a canopy of shades
Sending encircling waves of nostalgia;
With memories serene of verdant valleys.

In New Zealand where milk and honey flow
I watch the meandering ‘Dudhkosi’
Flowing majestically downward, 
And gaze at the coastal region
Of Australia strewn with leaves
Fragrance of beautiful ‘Babari’.

Even the hall where disco- dance-music reverberates,
That I belong to ‘Rodhighar’
A fact that never sinks into oblivion.
Rock and pop I like, I listen
But ‘Sarangi’ I love no less.
Carol song and ‘Deoshi-bhailo’ I sing
Of my rich cultural heritage,
And easily bulldoze English
With my own powerful lingo.

Translator: MB Pradhan

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