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Painting & Poetry:

Nepal ! I Love You

Painting: Sandhya Regmi

Sandhya Regmi

Nuptse at Moonlight Night

Twinkling in the wide firmament
Countless stars and the moon
All of them I know
They belong to me.
Whatever I do and wherever I go
My country I love you

Along with the sun at dawn
Nepal awakes,
Along with the moon at dusk
Nepal gleams.
Water even of the strange country
Tastes so sweet as Himalaya
And even the hours of twilight
Feels exhilarating exact
As of Nepal.

The heavens of my heart
Is replete with love
For my country,
To my dwelling place above
My country casts
Its comforting shadows.
On peaceful serene nights
I muse upon Nepal's
day to day events,
Hark! the call of the motherland

At every spasmodic hiccup;
With heart immensely filled
With patriotic fervour
I trot over the globe
Walk miles and miles
As keen ballad singer.
Climb the steep alien hills
and stare at beaming Annapurna
And sniff jasmine
In cool fragrant breeze.

In the hills and dales
Of my heart within,
Blossom the exotic orchid,
In the placid Fewatal of my eyes
The grandeur of Machapuchhre dawns.
From the mural paintings of the walls
we watch Lord Swayambhu's eyes
The floodgate open
the continuous flow
Of divine utterances loud.

Visions of Nepal I relish
In my dream always,
It edges along the brink
of my eyes forever.
The passionate outburst
of emotions I empty my bosom
The love for my country dear.
Nepal rolls down the edges of my eyes
Not tears for sure,
It is not heart that pulsates
But Nepal deep inside my chest.

Every moment a thousand times
Nepal reverberates,
With overflowing fullness
Of thoughts it imbues.
With the crowing of the cock
I awake and watch
In the valleys beyond
the pheasants fluttering its wings.
Keen to arrest glow-worms
In the hollow of my palm,
Love to pick innumerable stars
And the moon to embellish
the inner apartment of my heart.

Enjoying the cool under
umbrageous bunyan-pipal tree,
I dream of the luxuriant cluster
Of apples on forested mountains.
Expansive as the azure sky
Mind pure as unblemished earth
Nothing as exalted compared as
earth in repletion.
Diamonds and pearls,
Gold and riches,
Is our land divine,
Here where honour blossoms
And fame radiates.
To my blessed land I offer
My undying love galore.

Infused with patriotic fervour
Body immersed in divine nectar
Exuded from mother earth,
Embalms our body in pain,
Comforts us with echo and reecho
Of resounding waterfalls.
Blessed is my heart
Where herb immortal
From Himalaya flower,
And upright pillar rise
Of lasting fame and honour.

Dream unending I do envision
Am writing I guess of history
Of immortal fame.

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