Year 7 / Issue 7

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From the desk of editor:

Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya

At 11.56 am, on the 12th of Baisakh, 2072 vikram sambat, we experienced a big jolt of earthquake as if darkness engulfed us bringing time to a halt. It was as if the life’s journey started faltering, as if the yacht drowned abruptly while pleasantly sailing in the water, as if the entire creation dwindled by a catastrophe. Though the needles of the Ghantaghar stopped, but the flow of time did not! Even in the lap of a frightened mother, the child did not stop smiling! The sun continued to rise and set as usual. The paddy field continued to grow lush and green. In its natural course, the fragrance of the flower spread all over the surrounding. And to add to the very fragrance, Nepali Art and Literature Dot Com Foundation has brought the seventh edition of its web magazine for our dear readers!


Even though the dark clouds hover over the sky, in fact, the yearning for the light hasn’t ceased. And nothing else can stop our search for peace and sublime joy. Even in this collusive darkness, Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation is determined to continue its search for the light. And for this reason, despite the fissures on the yards that mock at us, despite the deepening pains with the scars made by the landslide of the soft surface of the earth, despite the desire to get immersed in the music coming out of the love-mansion created by one’s own hand collapses in front of the eyes, despite being stung by the dreamless void swept by the tears of the dreaming eyes, despite this country stands bewildered amidst thousands of darkness, this edition of the web magazine comes as a flash of light to us. We would like to dedicate this issue to all art lovers and curious minds!


Asato ma sadgamaya, tamaso ma jyotirgamaya, mrityorma amritam gamaya
(Lead me from the unreal to the real, lead me from darkness to light, and lead me from death to immortality)


Our sincere thanks to all our contributors, translators, technical experts, and well wishers!
We look forward meeting you all in the next edition!!


- Momila

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