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Realization came later, the art of demonstrating a whole ocean in  a waterdrop is the pinnacle of poetry. Further, the way a tiny waterdrop shows grand consciousness or the way the on-and-off glow of firefly at night speaks out the veda of anadi light, poetry preserves the strength to speak out eternity in an atom. Even the silent humans in the silent civilization, in which they are making headway through the milestone of truth-path in order to see truth much farther from the scripture and cobweb of words, are found to have celebrated life through seed poem or epigrammatic poem. Either on the birch leaf cast by the tree or on the heart of the withered leaf, poetry had performed its lively dance even at the moments of delivery pangs.The ancient pioneer messages, on which we feel glory today, were in poetic form, too. The most ancient genre of literary writing was undoubtedly poetry. Changes might have taken place, along with time, on forms and deforms of poetry. Two opposite river banks, for certain period of time, might have sung their own virtues the way  adherents of verse  and adherents of free-verse practise these days. Moreover, they might have celebrated beauty in river consciousness locating themselves in the middle of the viaduct.
There might be a considerable number of people who see poetry in the fountain pen. Contrary to it , there might  exist people  who write poetry for organizations and awards. Nevertheless, there is no less number of people who make poetic dance of creation and downfall from their lips to cattle's lips while cutting khara grass on the precipice. Neither are there less people to enjoy with butterflies after listening to birds' poetry.
Nobody knows when the stoop body of the hut, who writes poetry with oar pressing the birch-leaf-like  river by the plain bottom of the boulder, did become poetry himself. Nobody knows when he heard others' poetry. The north-south river transformed into poetry and kept singing sound poetry after overflowing in waves. The epic journey of poetry commencing from the mountain and heading  to the sea covered the settlements on the sides. Reaching to the bottom of the sea, the silent poetry kept glittering after transforming into coral and pearl. The east-west flowing boulder with the north-south flowing river related the poems of love to thousands of lovers. So many matsyagandhas turned to be fragrant poems and so many fragrant lasses turned to be fish poem. Poems written either about the Mount Everest being north-flowing or about the sea being south-flowing, which poem  written in the world is without the ink of water consciousness! Poems written either on animals' blood cell or plants' cell, on all poems anadi  poem is plunged into a great silent symposium. 
Along with the farm workers writing poetry of fertilizer and water on the roots of the corn plants and prop, I have seen earthworms and corn plants waiting for poetry symposium. The moment silks and corn cob binding themselves in love unite in pleasure making each other listen to their erotic poetry, the poetry recited by small children on the corn-offering-day to deities and on the international symposiums organized by parrots immensly contain luring lucidity of poetry. Do you think the poetry recited on the symposiums organized by corn in the famine-stricken stomach , are inferior to the poetry of the great bards of Sanskrit- Veda Vyasa and Kalidasa? Does only treatise deserve monopoly to be labeled an epic? Can't life itself turn to be an epic?  Can't we live poetry in each and every cell and concerns of life? This is a surprise why the Third Eye, that sees the poem recited by every speck and the gift of transformation offered by poetry, has been slumbering after locking the poetry that has come down the line from the time immemorial. Why can't we listen to the poems of pre-Vedic period from the human heart?
"Everybody enjoys the burning fire," heaving a long sigh of poetry on the bald hillock of the wrinkled brow he was clicking the snapshots for a documentary. Closing the carefulness inside the careless heart , he is reciting the play of the Moon and the theif making it a poem. The squad of fair weather friends not only in  the chilling cold of the winter but in the sweltering heat of summer too enjoy the fire. In spite of nearing the vortex, life is enjoying make-believe poetry whereas the swimmers overwhelmingly waiting to read out the poems of the margin that are sinking to the bottom.  Looking for the burning fire, someone, day to day , amid the huge extinguished crowd, silently on the silent poetry submerges enjoying the extinguished fire, looking at the coal waiting long for diamond and ashes, waiting long for Shiva. While writing poetry of waiting with the words of patience the inks of karma yoga are vibrant. Shiva might have written tandava on the ash poem as he saw the traditiional truth followed from century in the extinguished ashes rather than in the burning fire. From the acme of consciousness the great science of ardhanarishwar keeps singing Shiva's shaiva poetry almost similar to the height of the Mount Everest. The eyes that can't see the unmoved mover, who is running constantly stopping both the body and breath to see Gaurishankar's melody, how can they see the extinguished fire? The eyes that see the warm fire burning in the capacity of the guest and returning to its original home, can automatically see diamond in coal and bibhuti-wearing Shiva amid the hot ashes.
Darkness under the lamp, some people were relating the poems of their vanity to their associates. Some times the lamp perching on the high, artistic and valuable  metal stand and reciting the poetry of vanity never notices its own footsoles sliding in the darkness. The thick and the high candle was today narrating the anecdote. After the poetry of vanity got melted and came to the footsole, the eighty-four celebration of the thousand of chandra darshan of truth came to be available. All ten directions brighten up when vanity gets melted, mixes up in brain and heart and flows through the cells. Through the amalgamation of the inner part of the metal stand and the footsole's essence, human being writes the poetry of bodh in the light under the lamp. Among the relatives in  doldrums while reducing his love and shadow to ashes,in desolation/roaring laughter,he sees the poetry of pancha tatva the moment he witnesses a poet reciting fenural sense of renunciation. Sleeping in the fire  he is looking for the garland of one hundred and fifty five devine light - inside sthul sharir ( the gross physical body), sukshma sharir (subtle or psychological body), karan sharir (casual body), the entire world and Brahma's ancient traditional poetry. At the stairs at Bagmati, cremation side keeps constantly pinching the holi poems celebrating among seven colors.
When an ambitious crowd willing to be world famous blatantly scolds the darkness but pathetically loses its own way in the darkness, we saw the virtuous-path-seeking poetry intending to be the guiding firefly protected the ignorant mass and got others to compose new creation. Although billions of people fall into deep slumber, the sun rises early in the morning and never waits to the mob that worships and honours. In a poetry symposium of truth some people are seen reciting alone the epic of milestone - something similar to the ancient traditional journey of the sun till date.
Visible are the scenes in which the descendents of those people, who saw poetry of himawat khanda and manas khanda after coming to the courtyard from the kitchen floor of the mountains and the hills, can't see the threshold, trip on the doorstep and somersault at the place where the rainwater falls from the eaves of the roof. Visible are the scenes in which after falling on the courtyard they use abusive language , tear off a chunk of the roof and throw it in the rubbish store of the neighbour. In doing so, they trip on the kitchen floor, happen to break the backbone and shamelessly enjoy the neighbour's wheel chair.  The moment mountain and hill enjoyed their extremely conscious intoxication of never- ending youthfulness, yoga , tantra, ayurvigyan, music, nature, science and the like poetry turned to be universally famous. The ears that hear silent question and silent answer reach to the culmination of glory in the form of meditation poem that ensures divine voice and leads to the state of samadhi.
Visible are the scenes in which hills and mountains closing their eyes submerge in the unfathomable love  and read out the love letters of kundalini poems whispering with the most significant nadi (nerves): ida, pingala and shushumna. Visible are the scenes in which taking a U-turn the tounge delighted in the shadrasa of the eatery celebrated the delight in thousands of taste in khecharalaya. Moreover, visible are the scenes in which lovers and beloveds in the inns all the way from muladhara to sahashrara  getting twined in talk of love have attained the zenith of beauty in the poetry of erotic taste. 

anadi: without the beginning and the end
matsyagandhas: a woman character in Mahabharata having a smell of fish. Also known as Satyabati,the mother of the sacred poet Vyasa
tandava: the dance of passion,anger and intense energy performed by Lord Shiva
ardhanarishwar: a composite androgynous form of the Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati
pancha tatva: the five gross elements residing in the body of living beings as prithvi, jal, tej, bayu and akash
samadhi: the final state of intense concentration achieved through meditation in which union is established with the divine
kundalini: in Hinduism,a form of divine feminine energy or Shakti believed to be located at the base of the spine, in the muladhara
shadrasa:  according to Ayurveda,  the six different types of taste are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent
khecharalaya: an abode related to yoga mudra
sahashrara: two of the seven primary chakras according to Hindu tantrism

Translation: Suresh Hachekali

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