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Dedicated to Karnali

We cordially wish peace, happiness and prosperity to all Nepali on the auspicious occasion of the New Year.

Thinking that reached much farther in the race of civilization, and as though seeking justice with unwritten history, Karnali zone, named after Karnali river, located in the mid-west of Nepal, though considered the biggest region from the geographical point of view, it is still back warded from the point of view of physical infrastructure. However, from the perspective of natural beauty, this region, which consists of five districts namely Dolpa, Humla, Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu, is wonderful.

Tightening more the knot of well-wishing and love as well as coveting great and prosperous future of Karnali, this year's photo poetry, which consists of paintings created by Khem Siwakoti related to Karnali and Momila's poetic creation based on the same paintings in the form of sweet poetic honey, is offered to Karnali.

Due to your incessant flow like a river
NLG always remembers the other side
From where it stands!

Players Grooming Themselves through Training under Karnali Sports Club for Participating in National and International High Altitude Marathon
When a bird ceased its flight due to fatigue
And rested in Rara
It did not haste to resume its flight next morning
The bird had actually forgotten its journey enchanted by its beauty
It rather considered fatigue a boon and thanked the god.
Karnali Region's Natural Identity - Rara Lake
Like grass imagining the open sky that is crushed by the boot of the hill
This airport lies flat as a narrow lane
But makes a life flight for Karnali!
Talcha Airport Located in Mugu
The blush of this bridge
Is not the beauty extracted from an idea
It's not the art of the nature too
From the past this bridge connects the hearts from both the banks
Moreover, it connects the present with the past.
The Historical Rajarani Bridge Located in the Sinja Area of Jumla
Dear Karnali!
As you flow green
I remain static
But I possess the secret of your greenishness.
Green Belt along with Sandy Bank
I am overwhelmed by the imagination of the of the peak before I reach the peak than the peak itself
I am elated by the imagination of the greenery that yields the sweat in the earth than the greenery itself
Land Tilled and Made Ready for Plantation by Peasants on the Sinja Valley from Where Nepali Language was Originated
These children that seek life in the games
Have become a witness of the love between the earth and the sky!
Listening to their secluded life music
Barren peaks have started turning green!
Merrymaking on Festive Season and Children
Even positioned high, this Murmatop
Assimilated the beauty of Rara's depth
It knows
Its height is measured from that very depth!
Murma Top, Located on the Upper Part of Rara Lake and taken as the View Tower, to Enjoy Rara Scenario
As if it was a forerunner in the race of civilization
As if the Pandava found their way in Karnali
As if the silent language of truth echoes around the Pandava's cave
The unwritten history is seeking justice from us.
Pandava Monument Located in Jumla
Wherever they go like the birds
These sheep eventually return their own home!
Sheep Flock on Graze Land. Sheep Rearing: One of the Main Income-Generating Professions in Karnali
This road like the handicraft of a man
Leads towards Mugu for its love
But the road to love isn't easy!
Mugu-Going Motorable Road Made by the Nepal Army
In the eyes that see me afar
I find the affinity
In the eyes that see me a slope
I find the plain
In the eyes that see me barren
I find the greenery.
Mugu's Headquarters Gamgadhi : a Settlement Made on Sloppy Area without Damaging Arable Land
Photo: NLG

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