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Upendra Subedi

Bank of Kabeli: Gift of simple and Expressive Poetry

Ram Prasad Upreti had made his entry into the realm of Nepali literature by writing essays and travelogues. Now he is present with his poetry collection, Bank of Kabeli

‘Worn out Pens’(Thotra Pens) was his debute literary work as a collection of essay. Traveling in various pilgrimage and countries with his love for motherland in his soul, poet Upreti had written and published travelogues entitled ‘Ultimate Sky’. He expanded his emotions and feelings of the travels in this poetic collection. 

The collection, ‘Bank of Kabeli’ contains thirty four poems with the themes of love for country, religion, culture and politics.  The collection also portrays the ups and downs of the human lives. The final conclusion of the collection is the assimilation of the lives. The poet who began his life in various stages he observed the country crying and he explores the opportunities to laugh the country in other stages. Reaching in different places of the country, the poet takes the smell of the country’s soil and sings the glory. Sometimes he remembers the heroes of the country while he rejoices in the natural richness. He also does not miss the opportunity to reminisce of his students and loving wife who is in search of the country’s progress. 

A stern follower of spiritual values, the poet elaborates the siginificance of the soul that harbours the good thoughts. Poet Uprety mentions that he becomes one with the nature in many of his poetry by humanizing the nature. Amidst the natural wonders, he mostly brings about the rivers in the poetry. He mainly employes Kabeli, Krishnagandaki, Bagmati, Kankai and Koshi as important rivers in the poetry. In general,  he shows his respect and love for the rivers. He also highlights the greatness of Nepali writers and culturalists Banira Giri, Satyamohan Joshi, Bhanubhakta, Motiram Bhatta and Shankracharya. The poet keeps mentioning about the motherland Nepal and his wife more often. Thus, he has made the subject matter of poetry the significant things that he comes across in his life. 

The poet is not choosy about the subject matter of his poetry.  By determining a specific area of the themes, he seems to be writing on the theme that impresses and inspires him.  The central message of the poetry is to practice the positive attitude toward anything in this universe and human life and move ahead. However his poetry depicts his abhorance against the politics. He particularly satires the politics and Constituent Assembly members. 

In terms of the length, the poems of the Bank of Kabeli are not long too. The poet does not confuse the readers by writing longer poems of these thoughts. Instead he employes to express in form of subverse.  Most of the poems in the collection are of medium size and many are in moralistic form. The core message of the collection is his wish for the love of country and peace.

Written in simplicity, the poetic collection is easily interpreted. While having to use the word power of allegory and irony in many poetry, we can derive the meaning of the poetry with the easy word formation. Written in free and contemporary verse, the poetry is fluid and easibly expressed to the readers. Oriiginally written in Nepali and translated into English, the poems in the collection are simple and easy to read and understand for all readers without having to think hard. In truth, the poems are siginificantly different than other poetry with different flavor and delight.  The poet’s effort is commendable. The collection is present as a literary gift in simple and expressiveness. 

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