Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Pratishthan
Year 13 / Issue 13
Editorial Vision
The Frist and the Final Floret of Creation…

Life longs to flow in truth like water. If it finds a ditch, it fills it; if it finds stubborn rocks, it tosses and splashes; if a mountain stands before it, it bends and flows; if someone tries to block it through an unnatural dam, it demolishes the dam and becomes a flood; though it appears that the river rests after reaching a sea or ocean, but it transforms into vapor and gets immersed into the cycle of nature. Embodying this truth about life, creative writers also aspire to get immersed in the rhythm of nature. Though it appears that the black hill of actions festered by the individual’s arrogance and turned their ‘self’ vulnerable, or even if those hills have protested against the life, I am fully convinced that the first or the final floret of creation remains safe with the creative artists. In that sense, where a creator stands on this earth, there is a creation. And due to that creation, it becomes the center for them and the spectators around them. It is not merely a margin or periphery. Wherever a flower blooms, why would a spectator consider it a margin? It is always a center for the witness. So, it is not appropriate to label a creator as marginal or peripheral. They are the one who have demolished all margins and who is first or the final seed holding the universe; they are like gracious flowers of attractions and a rhythmic creation in themselves; and the center of the universal vision. Certainly, a center!

Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation is dedicated to promoting art and literature that serves as a medium to express such truths. With the cooperation from many genuine souls, the Foundation is able to publish the print magazine Kalashree and the 13th annual e-magazine / in both Nepali and English versions by including interesting contents related to Nepali art, literature, and music.

In reality, even when nature is shadowed by darkness, no one is able to stop the possibility of brightness in life. Kalashree and the e-magazine are the witnesses to the righteous acts of the writers and artists who are the carriers of those bright possibilities. We believe that these publications that record our creative engagements shall become a lively monument of our faith and conviction. The support Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation has received from NLG will always be remembered with honor within the literary world.

Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation is grateful to all the creative writers and artists who have contributed to inventing a new rhythm of life through their creativity in this difficult time when the old rhythm of life is disrupted. We extend special thanks to Keshab Sigdel, Mahesh Poudyal, Suman Pokhrel, and Suresh Hachekali for their generous support in translation.

Let the artists and the art be for the gratifying and delightful life. We stand with the first or the final floret for a novel and diligent rhyme of life!


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