Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Pratishthan
Year 12 / Issue 12
Editorial Vision
Despite the Disruption of Rhythm, Life…

Probably, sometimes the nature too finds it hard to tolerate! Though human beings are the creation of nature, it seems the nature has now embarked on a long holiday leaving the human civilization in captivity. Outside the window, the sky and water appear clear; the environment looks fresh and attractive as the new crusts shield the pollution-scars. The freedom seeking human civilization is chained by questions and is forced to survive the curse of COVID’s captivity amidst fear, anxiety, uncertainty and suffocation. There are scenes of paper bills being hurled on the road as a complaint against the meaninglessness of life. Similarly, people are seen digging the ground for burial even before the person is dead! It appears as if we are in the roles of helpless characters at a time when the entire atmosphere looks like a dreadful cinema featuring the destruction of human pride. Though the rhythm of life is disrupted, it reorganizes itself into a new rhythm to continue its journey. Even when human beings are forced to captivity, they are able to make the rain sing and the flowers dance in the music of isolation. It appears as if the free floating clouds in the sky, the unrestrictedly flowing water on the earth, the wind blowing as a witness of love between the sky and the earth, and the solar entities glittering as the groomsmen, are all jealously seeking for the social recognition of their existence.

Until there is life in this world, no one can imprison the fragrance of life! Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation is dedicated to promote art and literature that serves as a medium to express such truths. With the cooperation from many genuine souls, the Foundation is able to publish the print magazine Kalashree and the 12th annual e-magazine in both Nepali and English versions by including interesting contents related to Nepali art, literature and music.

In reality, even when the nature is shadowed by darkness, no one is able to stop the possibility of brightness in life. Kalashree and the e-magazine are the witness to the righteous acts of the writers and artists who are the carriers of those bright possibilities. We believe that these publications that record our creative engagements shall become a lively monument of our faith and conviction. The support Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation has received from NLG will always be remembered with honor within the literary world.

Nepali Kalasahitya Dot Com Foundation is grateful to all the creative writers and artists who have contributed in inventing a new rhythm of life through their creativity in this difficult time when the old rhythm of life is disrupted. We extend special thanks to Keshab Sigdel, Mahesh Poudyal, Suman Pokhrel and Suresh Hachekali for their generous support in translation.

Though now is the time of disrupted rhythm, this heart dedicated for art, literature and music in order to make our lives beautiful, is always on the side of a noble, cordial and righteous rhythm of life…!!!


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Nepali KalaSahitya Dot Com Pratisthan

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