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Year 14 / Issue 14
Editorial Context
In Favor of Shabda-Brahma

It cannot be claimed that words are fully capable of expressing human feelings exhaustively. Still, if there were no words, language, or script, perhaps human civilization would have stagnated at some point! The case today, however, is not like that. It seems that the current civilization is being driven by words.

Life, it seems, is in love with the festival of words everywhere. It feels like dancing in an eager journey from one peak to another. In other words, it seems as if the entire creation is chanting the word every time, when life itself must have realized a living existence. And in reality, anyone should be mesmerized by the music of Shabadloka — the universe of words!

That's why our villages and towns today keep hanging on the festival of words without a formal invitation of any season. It can be called the proud height of awareness achieved by our society. However, this wave of consciousness should not become a flood like a deluge of consciousness that washes away our houses. Instead, let it be a blessing rain that brings greenery.

This mind is thrilled by the very name of the country. The imagination of our journey of prosperity would have started if the unflinching vision of the nation had been included in it. However, honesty and quality become the first condition.

In fact, when the heart of a warrior who is inflamed by revenge and hatred is cooled down by the wind of love, or when Shabda Brahman resounds with love, the map of the destiny of this country is drawn more conspicuously.

Ours is an organization dedicated in every way to the respect and upliftment of art and literature, considered the carrier of these truths of life. Our special efforts are regulated through Nepali Foundation and our print magazine Kalashree, and its online version, an annual e-magazine related to Nepali art, literature, and music. The fourteenth issue of / has been launched hereby.

Salutations to the rainbow of words that actually paints the color of life even though it cannot capture the fragrance of life in reality! Salutations to the Creator who set off the fireworks of words in darkness by endorsing the bright possibility no matter how dark it is in this creation!

We have become a living witness to this bright potential Samyak Karma through Kalashree print and web magazines / We proudly believe that it will become a living monument of faith and belief.

Nepali Foundation, a lively charioteer of good deeds, will always remember NLG and its support in the universe of words and creations.

In this way, Nepali Foundation offers respect to all the dedicated and kind-hearted creators who have supported in the discovery of the right rhythm of life through their creations.

In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Mahesh Paudyal, Keshav Sigdel, Suman Pokharel and Suresh Hachekali, who have been supporting us in such the difficult task of translation.

A special word in favor of Shabda Brahma for the eternally beautiful life…


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