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Painting & Poetry:

Come On, Let's Copulate

Painting: Pablo Picasso

Maun Awaj

Hey idiot woman!

Don't gaze blankly
The world is moving on its own.

It has its own script
It has its own scripture.

Let's do like this
Come on, manage the bed.

In the wind with the wind becoming the wind
In the fire with the fire becoming the fire
Damn care whoever walks destroying
Square of the rustic settlement,
Detties' dwellings and restrooms.

No concern whoever walks over -
Enchanting excitementsof multi-coloured slogans.

Come on -
Let's stand thoughtless and clothless in desolation.

Oh illiterate woman!
Diplomacy contains not any clear language
Politics contains not any clear grammar.

Come on -
Let's place the bed cover.
We have nomore time
to walk ahead and behind the violent thought.

We are -
the last couple of this epoch.
We possess -
dead embroys in the womb
the old earth
the ailing civilization
and many irreparable losses.

We possess -
the rotten flower
the burnt dream
and many inexplicable agonies.

We possess -
the smashed eyes
the broken legs
chopped off head
and dismembered bodies.

We have a meaningless presence
We have a meaningful absence.

We need not construct another firmament
collecting residues of firmament
We need not add another star
dissiminating planned light in the constellation.

We need not write
on the bosom of the bygone history
ancient narrative of the halted time.
We are the incessant children of river.

Never acceptable for us
to change in ashes on riverside
waiting life on riverside.

On the imaginary pond of fish-life
how much to overflow floating like a corpse
we need to reach calm sepulchre of Truth.

Oh misguided woman!
Come on -
Let's pray to Eros
Come on -
Let's worship your long-existing vagina.

Hey innocent one!
Under the multiple footsoles of the crowd
that trod and moved away
how many paths are buried?
how many travels are buried?
how many travellers are buried?

The ultimate destination of numbers is void
Come on -
Let's submerge in the infinite depth of silence.
Come on -
Let's act as if nothing we have heard

Come on -
Let's act as if we haven't seen
Come on -
Let's act as if we haven't spoken
Come on -
Let's act as if we are nomore existing.

Innumerable paradoxes of existence in this universe
Innumerable gods exist
Innumerable religions and / interpretations exist
Innumerable isms and/ theories exist
Innumerable illusions and / mysteries exist.

Come on -
Forgetting the days ,come on
Come on -
Forgetting the nights, come on
Come on -
Forgetting past, present and the world , come on.

Oh morally degraded woman!
Come on -
Come to this morally degraded man's embrace
Let's lick each other's tongue
Let's bite each other's ears
Let's drag one body over another.

Let's fall exactly
the way gods fall from religion
nature falls from its rule
the way governments fall from their responsibilities

Oh sacred woman!
Come on, let's copulate.

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