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Maun Aawaj

The girl watching a Mirror

That is you
Of course natural, no one else deceived you!

This is your hair
The clip is yours
These are your fingers
The touch is all yours

Laughter is all yours
The tears are yours
The heart beat is yours for sure
The heart is yours!

It is your street
The trip is yours
Feet is all yours
The earth you standing on, is yours too!

You can't move anywhere from here
This is your identity, know it!

This wall is yours
The latch too, is yours

The rotating head is yours
The earth is yours
The universe is all yours!
This creation is yours
The innovation is yours
The whole universe is yours!

The toys are all yours
The game is yours
The rule is yours
The dreadful nightmare too, is yours!

The body is yours
The tickling touch is yours
Suffocation too is yours.

The palace is yours
Prince too is yours
The reign is in your control

As far as love spreads, the geography of love is yours

O girl, sitting in front of mirror!
I, one who hover around your window
Am just a bird!

Translation: Ram Gopal Ashutosh

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